I grew up way down south, in Nebraska, and we would often eat these sandwiches made with ground beef and seasoned tomato-ish sauce. We would call these sandwiches Sloppy Joes, because that's what they are called!

Then, I came to Sioux Falls. As a magnet community, The SF draws lots of people from different areas. Since I've been here I have heard this simple, humble sandwich called so many different names. I took to Facebook and asked you guys what you call it and again I heard several names besides Sloppy Joe: tavern, BBQ, maderites and loose meat sandwiches.

I have been burned by all those names. At a birthday party I was confused by what a maderite is, another time I was looking forward to ribs and got something very different. I just smiled and nodded when I was told there were taverns in  the break room, and expected corned beef to be the loose meat in my sandwich.

So, I think it is time for a re-branding of the Sloppy Joe. It needs a new name, so we all know what we are talking about. I was thinking of calling it the Beef and Tomato Sauce Sandwich but that seemed kinda on the nose. It needs to be a little flashier....how about the Hamburger Crumble? Or, maybe, the "Wet Burger" ew, no. Something a little cutesier, like...The Dipsy Doodle.

I don't know, I think we need to focus group some of these names. Until then, whenever we talk about this food item we follow up our traditional names with the phrase "...you know like a Sloppy Joe."