My wife told me about the rudest thing, I think, anyone has ever said to a pregnant woman ever. After asking her if she was pregnant here is what someone said to her:

"Is that what you wanted?"

Are you KIDDING ME!?!? It's not like she's 16 and in high school. She's married and 35 years old! Did it ever occur to this... person that we might be in a hurry to have another baby because she's 35 and time is ticking for us? Did she want a complete medical history?

Why do people feel as if a woman's pregnancy is a public topic of conversation like the weather?

"Oh, it's going to be chilly today. Wish we would get some rain. By the way, is your cervix starting to dilate yet?"

Just because the baby belly is there does not give you the right to talk about it. Would you start commenting on their breasts the same way?

I would ask that, unless you are a close friend of a pregnant woman, just don't talk to them. You're doing the world a favor.