His name is Isaac Latterell. He's a Republican in South Dakota’s House of Representative's, and he is definitely not crazy about the idea of Donald Trump being named the Republican nominee.

If you happened to catch any of the Republican National Convention on Tuesday, July 19, 2016, or if you've watched any major national news outlet since Tuesday night's RNC, there's a good chance you're already familiar with Mr. Latterell.

Isaac is fast becoming the facepalm seen around the world.

The classic eye roll, head shake, and facepalm routine he did while the South Dakota delegation was in the process of pledging their delegate votes for Donald Trump at the RNC on Tuesday night is quickly going viral.

Latterell, a Ted Cruz supporter, believes Tuesday night's announcement making Trump the nominee is quote "A sad day for the Republican Party."

According to Latterell, “I don’t think that the candidate that was chosen has a chance of winning the election or being different than the other nominee.”

The facepalm move isn't the only thing Mr. Latterell is known for. In the past, he has also gone on the record for comparing Planned Parenthood to ISIS.

I have a feeling after The Donald catches the footage of Latterell's facepalm reaction, he'll probably be as popular with Trump as Hillary herself.

Source: The Huffington Post