This will undoubtedly be fixed (if it hasn’t been already), but it’s just terrific. And it should inspire some developer to produce a Greek god sports game, because who wouldn’t want to pit Zeus against Poseidon in some Ultimate Fighting? Make it happen, smart people.

The glitch, as explained by Bleacher Report's Gabe Zaldivar, allows you to flip your opponent into the stands:

There is no way to describe the sight of NHL avatars flying like rag dolls into the stands other than to call it "hilarious." This is hardly going to get the players to go back to work and relieve all our depression over the prospect of missed games. But this certainly takes some of the brunt of a lockout off the fan's backs. Take all your aggression out by checking players during a line change, which seems to be the only criteria to make this glitch happen. Not only will you destroy your opponent, but you will send his best player into the cheap seats. We rather like the idea of pulling this little move off during online play.