When I was younger, at the peak of my boy band fandom, I used to record on VHS tapes any of the group's videos, talk show appearances, TV concert specials, etc.  One time while recording something my blank tape ran out and I didn't have another one!

I went running around the house looking for a blank tape like a crazy person and when I couldn't find one I just started to bawl.

My mom thought I was crazy and I'm pretty sure she was afraid of me for a few seconds.

My other honorable mention as far as silly things that made me cry was an episode of 'Rugrats.'  I believe it was the Mother's Day Special and Chuckie Finster didn't have a Mom.  She had passed away and at the end his dad reads a poem to him, written by his late mother.  Cue the tears.

(I just teared up finding that clip.)

I opened the phone lines and asked people to message in their best stories and I found I was not alone.

  • I was on fertility shots so I was already very emotional. I was walking into work with my lunch inside a Walmart bag. The Walmart bag ripped my lunch fell out my soda exploded. Instead of picking it up and walking into work I literally sat down on the curb and started bawling
  • I cried for 'Toy Story 3', the part where they are in the incinerator I turned to my husband to say 'that's messed up' with a laugh and it turned into a sob...
  •  I cried over not finding my other boot so I could go play out side in the snow when I was little
  • I bawled at the movie 'Up' when I took my niece.... She was so confused why I was crying haha
  •  I am in my 30's and I cried when Dumbledore died
  • Mine was Steve's last episode on 'Blues Clues'. I bawled like a baby
  • Stupidest thing I ever cried over was one morning putting my makeup on .. my eyeliner pencil broke and then kept breaking off when sharpening it .... so stupid!!!
  • When I was pregnant with my first child I went to 7/11 to get a slurpee at like 10pm I got to the car and dropped it....I cried but refused to go back in to get another one
  • When I was 8 months pregnant my boyfriend was eating Lays potato chips and I really really only like the folded ones so he had one in his hand and he went to go hand it to me and I grabbed it and it broke in half and I cried so hard and he was just laughimg at me.

Amanda called in with a great story about trying to go canoeing by herself.  She did alright at first, but then couldn't get the canoe turned around.  Local fisherman were trying give her suggestions like sitting in the middle of the boat with her legs and feet under her.  This worked for awhile until her feet fell asleep and she couldn't take it anymore.  She just burst into tears yelling, "I don't have any friends! I don't have any feet!"

And Chris called in saying he cries every year watching the Vikings play football.  Ouch!

What is the dumbest thing that made you cry?