What do you do when there is no school, roads are closed, and the city declares a 'state of emergency'? If you were lucky enough to have a charged phone, and at least occasional electricity, many took to social media to share the experience.

@grace_park02 Whoever pissed off Mother Nature needs to apologize and be done with it, ok?

@ChanSchaef I don't know why we aren't having baseball practice... Didn't we just play a game in this weather!?

@HeinzCFO It's official. Electricity is important!

@LRCorb mittens and scarf in April... there's something wrong there

@sparrowtree73 Adventuring out into the treacherous - yet beautiful - labyrinth of frost-laden trees.

@ChanSchaef My net on my basketball hoop is frozen!! I guess I can't shoot hoops! #southdakotaspring

@DanCollins57108 You know who really hates this storm? Firewood salesmen.

@andy1047 Dear Sioux Falls Media, Stop calling downed tree branches a war zone. I'm sure my buddy in Afghanistan would prefer to be in SF right now.

@TEAnderson2013 Only in South Dakota would there be lightning in the middle of an ice storm blizzard.

@TeresaPreuss So basically, Sioux Falls was hit by an ice tornado

@DannikaNash It's almost as if PBS is shooting a sequel to their hit series "Homestead" except it's involuntary and we're all in it.

@Kamie_Wittrock I have literally heard nonstop sirens since I got up this morning. Tweeps who have to go anywhere - Drive safely!

@DanCollins57108 1 birch tree miraculously still standing on my block. It's the new neighborhood watch captain. You win.

@CameronGCovey Alabama is looking like a great option right now ...

@_k_dawg The first person to complain about the weather being too hot is getting punched in the face

@jbklecker Whoever has been doin' the rain dance in Sioux Falls, cut that out.

@mlraposa It's cool though, in 20 years I'll be able to say: "Quit you're complainin', children, I went to classes during the #icepocolypse"

@Jessay_Kennay My family should just become Amish because they are never getting power back

@DanCollins57108 Sioux Falls TV reporters should wear 'Lil Tonka hardhats while on streets where icy tree limbs are falling. I have 3.

@mkschuiteboer Dear Mother Nature, I get your break-up with Father Time was painful, but you don't have to take it out on us.

@tanelasaurusrex i never want to see my winter coat again.

@BoulderTheater Dear Winter, we've had a good time together but we feel its time to start seeing other people. Namely, Spring.

JoeEQSQ Is it bad I'm ordering Jimmy Johns just to watch the delivery guy slide down my hill?

@MattyReader Showering in the dark brings a whole new meaning to don't drop the soap.


@juliana_rebecca Homework by candlelight? Do I have to go to school?

@nlheinert Holding steady! Can you imagine being a pioneer in South Dakota?