All You Magazine did us all a favor & tested 100 cleaning products and came up with a list of the best cleaning products in categories from laundry detergent to toilet bowl cleaners. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I use several of these products.

Here are a few for you:

Best Carpet Stain remover-Resolve Stain Remover

With one application, this product was able to eradicate coffee and tomato juice stains. With two, it was able to remove the ultimate carpet stain: red wine. (As a pet owner, I had used Resolve in the past and was less than thrilled but then again they're not talking pet stains here. Maybe they need a separate category for that!!)

All-purpose cleaner: Method All-Purpose cleaner

Tested on a variety of kitchen spills and bathroom messes, this cleaner from Target’s home brand won for its nontoxic ingredients, high cleaning ability and great smell. (I totally love this product & initially started using it because I wanted to get rid of the 13 toxic cleaners under the sink. I think it smells great too, but I used it once at the laundromat and a woman near me starting coughing, held her nose & got up and moved! But that was just one of the scents and there are several).


Laundry liquid detergent: Wisk Deep Clean Original

All You magazine stained white cotton T-shirts with ketchup, grass, dirt and other messes, then let the stains set for a week before washing them once. Wisk Deep Clean Original detergent erased all of the stains, except for a faint mustard mark, with the first wash. (All I can say is "Wow!", if this is true Moms everywhere will be switching. As for me, I'm still sold on Tide Free).

Get the complete list here.