It's very hard to quantify what makes a good school. There will always be people that have good experiences in what is perceived as a bad school, and people that have bad experiences in good schools. But, if you are looking for a listing of South Dakota school districts in a countdown format, the website Niche has come to the rescue.

What is Niche? Here's what they say:

Niche is a website that helps you discover the schools and neighborhoods that are right for you. We rigorously analyze dozens of public data sets and millions of reviews to produce comprehensive rankings, report cards, and profiles for every K-12 school, college, and neighborhood in the U.S....Niche has the most comprehensive data available on U.S. schools and neighborhoods. We’re constantly updating and connecting millions of data points to produce new rankings and insights.

If you want to know more about their data go HERE.

According to their information and analysis the top five districts are in eastern South Dakota. Here are what they say are the 10 best school districts in South Dakota (click on the link for each full report card).

10. Mobridge-Pollock School District in Mobridge, SD
9. Corsica Stickney Public Schools in Corsica, SD
8. Dakota Valley School District in North Sioux City, SD
7. Deubrook Area Schools in White, SD
6. Selby Area Schools in Selby, SD
5. Harrisburg School District in Harrisburg, SD
4. Watertown School District in Watertown, SD
3. Sioux Falls School District in Sioux Falls, SD
2. Brookings School District in Brookings, SD
1. Brandon Valley School District in Brandon, SD

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Source: Niche

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