A Sioux Falls man is going out of his way to help clean up a Sioux Empire neighborhood.

Jody Little, the owner of Outlaw Tattoos and Piercings, felt it was time for a little neighborhood clean up program.

Little, a former tattoo artist has spent 28 years helping change people's appearances with ink, now, he wants to help the people living in the area around him change the appearance of their neighborhood.

Little has been busy gathering volunteers, knocking on doors, and handing out fliers near his shop in an attempt to help organize a cleanup program from 5th to 10th Avenues near East Benson Street.

Six dumpsters will be placed in the area starting on Wednesday, September 14, to Monday, September 19, 2016. During that time, residents living in the area are encouraged to pick up litter and beautify the neighborhood.

His plan is to help people living in the area clean things up and get residents feeling good about the neighborhood once again. Another goal, to hopefully help cut down on some of the crime that has shown up in the area recently.

According to Little, "The people have supported me and my tattoo shop so it's time to give back a little bit."

During the clean up, there are a few items that cannot go inside the dumpsters. They include things like; paint, oil, electronics and household appliances.

The clean up crew has arranged for a separate pick up for appliances and scrap metal on Sunday, September 18.

Source: KDLT TV

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