Ahoy mateys! It's Talk like a pirate day! Don't be a landlubber and all hands on the poop deck and join us for the fun me hearties!

Here is a link to the Pirate Dictionary!

And here are some stupid Pirate jokes:

Why couldn't the pirate make the gymnastics team?

Because he couldn't do a CAAAAAAARRRGGGHT-wheel!

How do pirates pick up prostitutes?


What's a pirate's favorite breakfast pastry?

Pop TARRRrrrts!

Where does a pirate go after a hard day of pirating?

To the baaahhhrrr!

Who is a pirate's favorite Reggae ARRRRRtist?


What's a pirate's favorite branch of the military?

The ARRRRRmy National GuARRRRRd!!

A pirate's diet includes plenty of what?


Where did the Pirate learn to draw his sword?

At the ARRRRT Institute!

Who is a pirate's favorite singer?


Pirates surprisingly enjoy the music of who?

BARRRRrrrrbarrrra Streisand!

What does a pirate use to measure his ship with?

A yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrdstick!!!!!!

What do you call a really angry pirate?


What is a pirate's favorite candy?