Five Things I Will Never Do
Several of my friends have been posting photos of things I will never do. The reason I won't do any of these things is because they completely terrify me.
7 Most Common Snakes in South Dakota
The state of South Dakota has 16 reported species of snakes. There are seven species of snake that can be found in most of the state, including our one venomous species.
Giant Snake in a Taxi Cab
A New York cabbie named Jimmy Failla took his pet snake along to pick up passengers. Their reactions are priceless.
Brave Cat Saves Baby From Python
Not long ago, Tess Guthrie's cat was hissing so loud that the sound woke her from her slumber. And when the 22-year old Australian mom did open her eyes she saw a six foot python had wrapped itself around the arm of her six-month-old daughter, who was sleeping right next to her.

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