show notes

Ben’s Show Notes Tuesday 8/28/12
If you know someone with a crush on Carly Rea Jepsen, she is looking for a confident guy who likes sushi.
Christina Aguilera will be honored next month.
Will.i.Am will be live on Mars today.
Remember Smash Mouth? No? Did you see Shrek...
Ben’s Show Notes Monday 8/27/12
I was right! Owl City and Carly Rea will be on Conan this week. On Wednesday. And Metal Detector Mike.
Mourned the passing of the voice and puppeteer of The Count.
Today we also got the latest American Idol updates: no Katy maybe Keith and Nicki...
Ben’s Show Notes 8/23/12
Today we talked about the lies we all tell. Hint: It's about how hot I am.
Checked in with Reese and J-Tim
Got a Snookie grab bag
Did the electric boogaloo for a Nemo sequel
And brought it all tougher with that swimming woman and when she took on the jellies...
Ben’s Show Notes 8/22/12
Today we tried to get in on Andy and Mel's discussion about Sioux Falls intersections. My vote is for 57th and Western. (and any intersection that I'm at when I'm in a hurry)
Talked about the biggest wedding in Canadian history.