Rihanna Shows Off Bangs + Bob Hairstyle [PHOTOS]
Rihanna is a hair chameleon, changing her look with incredible frequency. We dunno how her strands survive, what, with all the extensions, cuts, colors and more, other than with a super rich, deep conditioning mask. That said, she's ditched the mullet in favor of a bob with bangs.
Rihanna ‘What Now’ Official [VIDEO]
Rihanna has another hit on her hands.
'What Now' is a dramatic ballad that is a little different from the more upbeat dance stuff she's done recently.
I'm not sure if it is possible, but I think Rihanna makes going crazy kind of hot.  Is that weird...
Rihanna Thrashes About in ‘What Now’ Video
Rihanna already set the stage for her 'What Now' video, saying it would be a little demented. It's certainly eerie, with multiple, apparition-like RiRis dancing and thrashing about in a room, possessed by something we can't quite explain.

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