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Lady Gaga + R. Kelly Bump ‘n’ Grind in Photo
Lady Gaga doesn't need to believe she can fly or that she can touch the sky and all the stuff R&B star R. Kelly sings about in 'I Believe I Can Fly,' at least not when it comes to their 'Do What U Want' duet. She gets a lift from Kelly, bumping and grinding on his gr…
Lady Gaga + R. Kelly ‘Do What U Want’ on ‘SNL’
Lady Gaga pulled double duty as host and musical guest of 'SNL' last night (Nov. 16) and for her first of two performances, she donned a sparkly, silver, low-dipping jumpsuit to perform 'Do What U Want,' her sexy R&B romp with R. Kelly. She gyrated onstage in overtly sexual fashion and had us wo…
Lady Gaga feat. R. Kelly ‘Do What U Want’ [AUDIO]
Lady Gaga released a new song with R. Kelly called 'Do What U Want.'
At first, I thought R. Kelly was a random choice for collaborator, but it works for some reason.
It is a catchy song, however, I'm sure Gaga will catch some flack for provocative lyrics...

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