Nicki Minaj

Sophia Grace and Rosie Debut Original Music [VIDEO]
These two pint sized princesses made a name for themselves after a video was posted of them singing and dancing to Nicki Minaj's 'Superbass' went viral.  That video got them on Ellen and from there they have made multiple appearances on her show and worked as correspondents on th…
Nicki Minaj Considers Herself an L.A. Girl Now
West Coast, reprazent!
With her thick New Yawk accent, Nicki Minaj will always sound like an East Coaster and a native of NYC. Despite her background, her Minajesty considers herself a full-fledged and fully integrated L.A. girl now.
Nicki Minaj Out at ‘American Idol’
Rap diva Nicki Minaj is one and done.
Sources close to the production claim that the controversial star will exit 'American Idol' after Season 12 wraps tomorrow (May 16). She served on the judge's panel for a season, famously clashing with Mariah Carey, who also sat on the panel for he…

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