Lance Armstrong

Armstrong Admits Doping: “I’m A Flawed Character”
He did it. He finally admitted it. Lance Armstrong doped. Right from the start and more than two dozen times during the first of a two-part interview Thursday night with Oprah Winfrey, the disgraced former cycling champion acknowledged what he had lied about repeatedly for years.
Is Any Sports “Hero” Safe to Trust?
It's pretty much always been good advice not to choose someone from the sports or entertainment fields for too much admiration.
I could go forever on people who turned out to have feet of clay, but lately we've seen too many glaring examples, and not entirely of their own doing...
Armstrong or Ali – Which Story is More Interesting?
Before the show this morning, Mel and I were discussing the story of Tatyana Ali, the little sister on 'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air,' and her affinity for one-night stands. Mel wasn't going to use the story in the dirt today because she had lots of Lance Armstrong doping news to get t…