Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Talks Madonna
Lady Gaga addressed her "feud" -- we're not sure what state things are in at this point, after the reductive thing, Madge mashing up 'Born This Way' with 'Express Yourself' during her live shows on the MDNA tour as if to say, "Look how similar her …
Lady Gaga Insists Her Bisexuality Is ‘Not a Lie’
Unlike Jessie J and Nicki Minaj, who claimed bisexuality then recanted, Lady Gaga has been consistently bi for her whole career. She's never waived on the subject and really, it's not one that famous people should be wishy-washy about, given their sphere of influence on fans and how fans l…
Lady Gaga Goes Geisha With Seashell Umbrella
Lady Gaga decided to go the geisha route while in London, adding to a week of head-turning ensembles that included a Botticelli-print dress, a tattered gown and an all-black ensemble boasting a mask-hat hybrid. Today (Oct. 31), she stepped out as in geisha style, complete with a seashell-shaped…
Lady Gaga to Host + Perform on ‘SNL’
First Justin Bieber, then Justin Timberlake, then Miley Cyrus and now Lady Gaga. Ma Monster will host and serve as the musical guest on 'Saturday Night Live' on Nov. 16. She also revealed the artwork for her single, 'Dope.'

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