Lady Gaga

‘SNL’ Confirms Lady Gaga to Host and Perform
While this weekend's all-new 'SNL' installment featuring 'Scandal' star Kerry Washington and musical guest Eminem will prove an episode to watch, its forthcoming lineup is really on fire. Not only has Lady Gaga been confirmed to both host and perform in the subsequent instal…
Lady Gaga Performs ‘Venus’
Lady Gaga dropped the official audio for 'Venus,' a new 'ARTPOP' track. She also performed the song in London on Oct. 27 at G-A-Y, the biggest gay club in the region. Gaga luuuuuuurves her gay fans, so this was a special treat for 'em.
Lady Gaga feat. R. Kelly ‘Do What U Want’ [AUDIO]
Lady Gaga released a new song with R. Kelly called 'Do What U Want.'
At first, I thought R. Kelly was a random choice for collaborator, but it works for some reason.
It is a catchy song, however, I'm sure Gaga will catch some flack for provocative lyrics...

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