Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake Told to Give Up Acting
Here's an argument for the ages. A Hollywood trade paper suggested that singer, actor, designer and all-around triple threat Justin Timberlake should stop acting and stick with music. Then the folks at Yahoo! came to his defense about why he should continue to straddle the line between both wor…
‘Runner Runner’ Review
“What can't Justin Timberlake do?” said the internet after the performer dominated 2013 with the release of two albums, a musical turn in Cannes favorite 'Inside Llewyn Davis,' and a handful of Jimmy Fallon late-night sketches that all went viral. 'Runner Runner' suggests there's really one thing: c…
Timberlake Tuesdays Continue #Awesome
Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake have been getting together every Tuesday for a comedy sketch and this week they remind us how the hashtag culture is ruining our lives.
Twitter may have started the trend, but I'm blaming Mariah Carey for #Beautiful or maybe its Will...
Justin Timberlake ‘TKO’ [AUDIO]
Justin Timberlake has released another song from the highly anticipated second half of the 20/20 Experience.
The latest tune is called 'TKO'
It is a rather lengthy song and has some unsavory lyrics, but it is Justin and I love him.

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