7 Things I Wish People Would Do on Facebook
About a month ago, the Huffington Post had an article about the most hated things people do on Facebook. Posting photos of your food will usually do the trick. But it was mostly the same things that drive everyone crazy. I decided to spin the same concept the other way...
Be Careful When Using Facebook to Comment on Websites
If you want to comment on a post on our website you have to do it through your Facebook account. It's handy and convenient. Lots of people are already logged in to Facebook so it's really easy to do.
However, you may not know that every time you leave a comment on our website, or any other …
Facebook: The Musical [VIDEO]
A comedy group called AVbyte have put into song our obsession with Facebook.  I gotta say I can relate to most of the stuff pointed out in this song.  Sad, but true.
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