Local Farmers Donate Thousands Of Eggs [AUDIO]
Great new from Feeding South Dakota!  Sioux County Egg Farms/E&W Poultry Farm and Dakota Layers of South Dakota are helping in the fight against hunger by donating more than 19,000 eggs to Feeding South Dakota.
Jim Dawson of Feeding South Dakota says eggs are a great form of protein.
Andy Successfully Breaks the Unbreakable Egg [VIDEO]
There was this video Mel found last week that showed how you, allegedly, cannot crush an egg with only your fingers and palm. I initially thought you were allowed to use your thumb, but you are not. Lame. That's a lot harder to do.
However, I was able to crush the egg...
You Can’t Break an Egg in your Hand! [VIDEO]
I watched two grown men last weekend try to do the "Breaking the Egg in your hand" thing. Here's what you do: As long as you "palm" the egg and squeeze no matter how strong you are, you won't be able to break the egg. One of the guys broke it only becaus…