Britney Spears

Britney Spears Talks Kissing Ryan Gosling
Britney Spears revealed quite a bit to Ellen DeGeneres on her namesake show while promoting 'Britney Jean.' Of course the host grilled the pop diva for some intel on the men in her life, like Ryan Gosling and David Lucado.
See Britney Spears Best Smiles
Britney Spears has changed her look many times throughout the years -- blonde, brunette, shaved head, bangs, center-parted and extensions. She has also had her emotional ups and down, with her husbands, kids, boyfriends, managers, parents and the paparazzi. There has been one constant through i…
Britney Spears, ‘Perfume’ – Song Meaning
Britney Spears can, like, never be accused of making music you can't or don't want to dance to. That's her specialty, her stock-in-trade. But most of her songs have the emotional depth of a rain puddle, since they are meant to stimulate the body before the mind. That is, until she delivered 'Perfume…

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