Britney Spears

Katy Perry Looks Bored Beyond Belief
While Miley Cyrus got her grind and her tongue on some of Britney Spears' female dancers at the opening of BritBrit's Las Vegas residency, Katy Perry got her butt on her seat ... and barely moved.
Britney Spears Preps for Vegas
Britney Spears has said that 'Chaotic,' the reality trainwreck, er, show in which she starred with her ex-husband and baby daddy Kevin Federline, was the biggest mistake of her career. But Brit Brit has not soured on the documentary format or on letting the cameras into her life.
Britney Spears ‘Perfume’ Official [VIDEO]
Britney Spears debuted the video for 'Perfume' yesterday online.
I gotta say this song is pretty much 800% better than 'Work.'
The video shows a vulnerable Britney that is insecure and worried her boyfriend is two timing her.
I don't know why Britney is putting up with his shen…

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