Check Out Celeb Psychic Predictions
Psychic predictions are like astrology – they're ice breakers and conversation starters that hold little (if any) weight. But they are still super fun to talk about. With 2014 just a few days away, a celeb psychic named Christian Dion made predictions about what's in store for Lady G…
Beyonce Stirs Up Controversy
It seems as if Beyonce can do no wrong -- after all, she just blew up the Internet and shattered records with the release of her self-titled, visual album, 'Beyonce.' But Queen Bey's latest effort is also kicking up some controversy, with one song referencing Tina Turner's abuse …
Beyonce is No. 1 and Sets New Records
Beyonce really doesn't need Target to sell her fifth album, the self-titled 'Beyonce.' The singer did a pretty bang up job shifting 617,000 copies in less than a week, without their help and with no advance notice or press.

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