Beyonce Stirs Up Controversy
It seems as if Beyonce can do no wrong -- after all, she just blew up the Internet and shattered records with the release of her self-titled, visual album, 'Beyonce.' But Queen Bey's latest effort is also kicking up some controversy, with one song referencing Tina Turner's abuse …
Beyonce is No. 1 and Sets New Records
Beyonce really doesn't need Target to sell her fifth album, the self-titled 'Beyonce.' The singer did a pretty bang up job shifting 617,000 copies in less than a week, without their help and with no advance notice or press.
Beyonce Explains the Audio + Visual Aspects of ‘Beyonce’
Beyonce changed the entire game when she released an album without any advance promo. Not only is 'Beyonce' some of her most personal and sensual music to date, but the videos to go with the songs are on another level. Queen Bey sat down with iTunes Radio to break down what went into each …
Beyonce Performs ‘XO’ Live for the First Time [VIDEO]
Beyonce wasted no time promoting her surprise self-titled album, 'Beyonce' -- even though she dropped it with no advance promo at all. The game-changing songstress performed a new song from the record, 'XO,' live on the Mrs. Carter Tour at the Chicago United Center ... and, of co…

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