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Ben’s Show Notes Monday 8/27/12
I was right! Owl City and Carly Rea will be on Conan this week. On Wednesday. And Metal Detector Mike.
Mourned the passing of the voice and puppeteer of The Count.
Today we also got the latest American Idol updates: no Katy maybe Keith and Nicki...
Breaking Bad Mentos
If you come from the days of the Mentos commercials, or at least Foo Fighters videos, you'll appreciate this fresh making Breaking Bad Mash-up. Oh Flynn you scamp.
Ben’s Show Notes Friday 8/24/12
On the show today we investigated whether Justin Bieber has jaundice, or is he on the Simpsons? (It's the Simpsons)
Katy's turn with John is over.
Train drops Jupiter when they meet Virgina and drive by something, something candy bars...
Ben’s Show Notes 8/23/12
Today we talked about the lies we all tell. Hint: It's about how hot I am.
Checked in with Reese and J-Tim
Got a Snookie grab bag
Did the electric boogaloo for a Nemo sequel
And brought it all tougher with that swimming woman and when she took on the jellies...
Handwriting Mystery
I had an idea that I really, Really didn't want to forget. So i wrote my self a note.
Boy, that sure helped.
I think the first part is a reminder to message my mom and dad.  Or to get more dachshund. Or maybe to mow Doug's lawn (I don't know anyone named Doug, but still)...
Ben’s Show Notes 8/15/12
Some of the stuff we talked about on the show today...
What to bring when you move into your dorm.
Remember a pillow, leave the collection of plush Donkey Kong charters.