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What is the Most Popular Ice Cream?
What's your flavor? In the U.S. the top flavor is chocolate.
A Harris Poll of adults in the U.S. found that the most popular flavor is chocolate. In a close second place was vanilla. Rounding out the top three was cookie flavored ice cream, the various dough and cream concoctions...
Ben’s Show Notes Thursday 8/30/12
I was voted the guy on the radio after the #1 morning show in town! Woo Hoo!!
Today we talked about Carley Rea on Conan and her deal Wet Seal deal.
Not that kind of seal.
New Robocop!
Adele may have got married in secret.
Seth McFarland will host the season premiere of Saturday Night Live...
Ben’s Show Notes [VIDEO]
Eddie Murphy may be trying to make a Beverly Hills Cop TV show.  I seem to be the only person that liked Beverly Hill Cop 3.
Joseph Gorden-Levit does his best John Mayer impression of R Kelly.
The Avengers sequel comes out in 2015 and they are making a S...
Dear Boombox, I Miss You. International Boombox Day[PHOTOS]
International Boombox Day is almost here! It is July 20th. It's even on Facebook.
I still miss my favorite boombox of all time. I called it THE BIG ONE. Because it was, well, big. Officially it was a LASONIC TRC-931.
I got it from my girlfriend's brother who thought he was somehow too cool t…
Video Personals Fail [VIDEO]
Are you lonely? Are you looking for that someone special? Well...keep looking.
You either remember looking like this.
Or this may be what your parents looked like. So, go point and laugh.
Ben’s Show Notes Tuesday 8/28/12
If you know someone with a crush on Carly Rea Jepsen, she is looking for a confident guy who likes sushi.
Christina Aguilera will be honored next month.
Will.i.Am will be live on Mars today.
Remember Smash Mouth? No? Did you see Shrek...
Blinky The Clown Passes Away
If you grew up in Denver or anywhere that KWGN Channel 2 reached (like western Nebraska where I grew up) you probably remember Blinky the Clown. Sadly he passed away this week at the age of 91. His real name was Russel Scott. From the Denver Post:
"Scott created a Colorado legend and legacy as …

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