angry birds

Play Real-Life Angry Birds in Sioux Falls
Do you love the game Angry Birds? We all do! My children once built a life-size pile of toys and launched their Angry Birds pillows at it. My 8 year old won. He also paid for a new living room lamp.
If your kids are ages 6 to 9,  and would like to play the real-life version of it, without the propert…
5 Apps That Would Make Better Movies Than ‘Angry Birds’
They are seriously making an 'Angry Birds' movie. What will it be about? Who would be in it (aside from obviously Nicki Minaj)? Will it just be Nicki Minaj doing everyone's voices? It raises a lot questions, but none are more depressing than 'if 'Angry Birds,' then _____?' They're turning a phone ap…

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