Adam Sandler

‘Pixels’ Trailer: It’s On Like Donkey Kong
Lately there haven't been many video game movies that have been very good. There also haven't been many Adam Sandler movies that have been very good. So, how about this Adam Sandler video game movie?... Wait, where are you going?! Pixels is not your standard Adam Sandler or video game movi…
Wayback Wednesday: Adam Sandler ‘Hanukkah Song’
This year Hanukkah comes early.
Hanukkah begins tonight, Wednesday, November 27 and ends in the evening of Thursday, December 5.
And in honor of that (and because it's Wayback Wednesday) here is Adam Sandler's Hanukkah Song.
'The Chanukah Song' is a humorous song written by comedian Adam Sandler with S…

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