The Walking Dead

‘The Walking Dead ‘Mythbusters’ Special
Before 'Breaking Bad' came to dominate the whole of our lives, 'Mythbusters' rightly got the chance to put the science of Walter White to the test with a special surrounding the acclaimed AMC drama. Now that 'Breaking Bad' is dead and buried however, 'The Walking D…
‘Walking Dead': Watch Prequel “The Oath”
'The Walking Dead' season 4 won't officially burst through the gates until October 13, but you needn't wait an additional two weeks for fresh corpses! The third official tie-in 'Walking Dead' web series "The Oath" has hit the internet, intersecting wit…
‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Now on Netflix
As of today we are 12 days away from the season four premiere of "The Walking Dead." If you have heard people talking about it and you're wondering what all the fuss is about you can get caught up in a hurry.
AMC Announces New ‘Walking Dead’ Web Series
With 'The Walking Dead' season 4 due to premiere on October 13 with "30 Days Without an Accident," and spilling new photos and casting announcements all over the place, we'd been wondering if AMC had opted for a third web series tie-in to follow last year's "Cold Storage" and the…

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