Summer has officially started and you know how I know? Because So You Think You Can Dance is back!

Last night was the premiere and it showed us the first two stops on the audition tour.

My standout favorite so far is a young man named, Caleb Brauner. (I know it's early to have a favorite, but I do.)

He has tried out in previous seasons and I remember him because his dance style is quirky and humorous, but still very technical.

He came back this year to tryout, but this time without his father.  His dad passed away last year and he knew he had to try to get on the show for him. In previous years, his dad was by his side at the auditions, even dance battling him on stage last year.

He tried out in New Orleans and was sent through to choreography, but didn't get sent through to the next round.

Then in Chicago, he was back. This kid is determined. He is not giving up.

This time, he still did his quirky fun style, but in a much more somber performance. It was inspired by the last voicemail he received from his father. *tears*

I thought it was good enough to send him straight through, but NO! The stupid judges made him go through choreography...again.

But this time he was through to the next round.

I'm keeping my eye on Caleb!

Also, SYTYCD is introducing a dance crew competition! So far I love Chloe's Syncopated Ladies! They are reppin' for the tap dancers and the females! Werk!

If a few of the crews look familiar, it is because they were on MTV's America's Best Dance Crew. (Why isn't that show on anymore?)

Until next week!