A demonstration in Sioux Falls on Tuesday September 12, 2016 was formed to show solidarity with the Standing Rock Tribe in North Dakota, as the decision to continue the Dakota Access Pipeline along Sacred Ground hangs in the balance.

Supporters made their way from Van Eps Park to Falls Park where a rally culminated the event according to Tony Helland from Dakota Rural Action:

I was hoping that today we would have 50 people, but to have 3,4 times that is incredible. It's not just an issue that is affecting Standing Rock reservation; it's an issue that the entire state is facing.

The grassroots company along with community members organized the ‘Sioux Falls Stands with Standing Rock.’

Concerns about water safety are also paramount, as the pipeline would be crossing fragile watersheds and bodies of water.

The pipeline will cross just sound of Sioux Falls, near Harrisburg.