On our way home from Omaha we stopped in Onawa, IA for some ice cream and gas. In the parking lot of the Dairy Queen was the most peculiar limousine I have ever seen. An old stretched out Suburban, much like you would see today, except it was really old. It did not have the seats along the sides like a modern SUV limo, it just had 9 rows of seats like the giant passenger vans. The one limousine-style amenity it did have was a mirror ball hanging from the ceiling.

I don't know for sure, but it looks like it was originally a seventh generation Suburban built between 1967 - 1972.

I really wanted to stop and ask the guy about it but the kids were screaming and it was time to go so we left.

I asked Tasha, an Iowa native, if this was what all limos look like in Iowa. She said that they do not.