Say it ain't so! When it comes to safe teen drivers South Dakota ranks last in the nation?

It's true, if you believe a new study recently conducted by the folks at WalletHub.

South Dakota is supposedly filled full of irresponsible, careless, teenagers behind the wheel.

As a whole statics do show that most teen drivers are unsafe. Motor vehicle accidents are still the leading cause of death for people aged 16 to 19. Young drivers between the age of 15-24 account for almost a third of costs related to accidents.

The WalletHub study ranked each state based on three categories; safety conditions, driving laws and economic environment. The study also broke down individual factors like; teen DUIs, number of fatalities, lowest cost of adding your teen driver to an insurance policy, etc. 

When they finished tabulating all the data, South Dakota ranked dead last on the teen driver road map. We came in 47th for safety, 37th for cost, and 50th for driving laws.

Maybe giving the keys to the family Accord to little Billy this Friday night isn't such a good idea after all?

If you're wondering which state has the overall best teen drivers, that would be New York. They emerged with the highest score, a 74.97 on a one-to-100 scale.

Source: TTAC

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