A new study done by the home security and safety advice company, SafeWise says, South Dakota ranks 6th in the nation when it comes to the most overworked police officers.

According to data from 2014, for every man and woman that wear blue and a badge in South Dakota there are two violent crimes, 14 property crimes and 318 people they are tasked with protecting.

That statistic was illustrated yet again over the weekend when Sioux Falls finest responded to what was initially believed to be a shooting investigation on the evening of Saturday, October 29, (2016). The call ended in the arrest of three suspects, 18-year old Remy Peterson, 18-year old Andrew Weber, and 21-year old Leroya Cross.

The three suspects were involved in an apparent drug-related case in the 4300 block of West Schofield Street in Southwest Sioux Falls.

KSFY TV is reporting that authorities were able to apprehend the three suspects rather quickly, thanks to tips from alert neighbors in the area. People living in the neighborhood with decks that overlooked the area that police were searching actually allowed officers to use those decks during the search, which ultimately helped lead to the arrest of two of the suspects.

That particular incident was just one of the many things that kept Sioux Falls police busy over the weekend.

I'm told by a police officer friend of mine the city is looking at adding more officers in the coming year to help ease the burden these overworked men and women are currently experiencing.

Even with the upcoming increase in man power, Sioux Falls residents need to follow the lead of the people living in the West Schofield Street area by lending the PD a hand whenever and wherever possible by keeping our eyes and ears open.

Let's face it Sioux Falls is only going to see an increase in crime as it continues to grow and become more diverse.

We in the community need to remember that helping the brave men and women in blue anyway we can, is the right thing to do!

Source: KSFY TV/ KOTA News

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