7.) There are 115 lakes in Minnesota named "Long".


2nd place on the list is "Mud" , followed by "Rice" and yes, there is a Ricki Lake.

8.) In 1907, Lake Nokomis was only 5 feet deep!


Lake Nokomis, off of Cedar Avenue in Minneapolis,  was originally just a drainage swamp for the area, but after being purchased in 1907, it was eventually developed into a fully fledged lake.

9.) There are only 4 counties in Minnesota without a lake.

 Olmsted, Mower, Pipestone and Rock counties are all without lakes. The county with the most? Otter Tail, with 1,048!
10.) Iowa Lake is in Minnesota.

There are at least two Iowa Lake's in Minnesota, one of which resides in both states. The other is way up in the arrowhead in Cook County.

11.) 2 stories on how white bear lake got its name.


#1-A Sioux  girl falls in love with a Chippewa boy, who attempts to break the peace between the tribes by performing a brave deed.The boy killed a giant white bear on Manitou Island and ended up dying in the process.  His spirit, as well as the bears, wander the island at night.

#2-The boy kills the bear, skins it, and his future children dance and play on it. Lovely!!!


12.) They called it Ham Lake because it was shaped like a ham!

(google maps)

Well it does!!!