If you want to live in a world where everything should taste like Gravy, well my friend are you in luck! J&D’s It’s All Gravy! The Gravy Flavored Seasoning is here!!!  It’s All Gravy! seasoning comes in Brown Gravy and Sausage Gravy flavors and is designed for use on anything that tastes better with Gravy!

(Photo by Jonny V)

It has only 5 calories and zero fat per serving. It puts the guilt-free power of everyone's favorite unhealthy condiment in the palm of your hands. The next level of meat-flavored condiments is finally here. Try it on fries, mashed potatoes, tots, grits, veggies, rice, roasted or grilled meats and more.

I got my 2 bottles the other day and I tried them on some french fries and they do, in fact, taste like Gravy!

Not only does J & D's have love for gravy, but they also have a great love for BACON! They make and sell bacon sunscreen, bacon popcorn, even bacon shaving cream!