Congratulates to Southeastern Directions for Life on being named the October 2016 Helpline Center Volunteer of the Month.

The students and staff at Southeastern Directions for Life have been volunteering with Lunch Is Served for over six years.

During that time they've prepared meat and cheese sandwiches, and filled paper sacks with items for the lunches made for the working poor in Sioux Falls.

Not only do they help make the meals, they also offer to help deliver the meals to the St. Francis House, the Banquet and Labor Ready.

Quoting a staff member at Lunch is Served,

“Not only do the volunteers come ready to work and have a heart for those in need; they also are my Angels in the Wings. Anytime I don't have a group signed up for our mid-week packing, or a group suddenly has to cancel, these volunteers graciously and eagerly offer to come and make the meals. Serving with them is a highlight to my week.”

The Helpline Center and MetaBank are pleased to present Southeastern Directions for Life with a framed certificate, a gift, and letter of appreciation from the Mayor.

They will also be honored again at the Spirit of Volunteerism Awards banquet on May 11, 2017 at the Sioux Falls Convention Center. 

For information on volunteer opportunities please call the Helpline Center at 211 or visit their website.

Source: Helpline Center


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