South Dakota has four Presidents carved in its midst. And according to, they have thusly “honored” the state with “The President” cocktail.

The online pop culture site recently compiled “What’s Your Home State’s Signature Cocktail?” The listing isn’t a scientific poll on what Americans or Dakotans consider as their “signature” drink but are cocktails that supposedly reflect some aspect of the state.

“The President” is light rum, grenadine and orange juice. BuzzFeed picked it for South Dakota because of a certain famous monument.

“Over 2 million people visit South Dakota annually to visit this befitting cocktail’s dedication, the Presidents of Mount Rushmore,” writes article author Hannah Gregg.

Meanwhile, North Dakota received a drink that allegedly has more of a connection to the Peace Garden State—the “Howlin’ Wolf”--white creme de menthe, blue curacao, vodka and Sprite. Gregg says it represents the North Dakota state animal, the coyote, aka prairie wolf.

There’s just one problem with that: one of the state animals of North Dakota is the Nokota horse. But no coyote. The coyote is the South Dakota state animal. Instead, maybe North Dakota’s unofficial official potent potable should be the “Kick to the Head,” with the BuzzFeed staff taking the first few sips.

Other “state” cocktails per BuzzFeed in the region:

Nebraska: “The Kool-Aid Caddy” (Orange vodka and Kool-Aid). “Kool-Aid was invented in Hastings, Neb, by Edwin Perkins,” according to BuzzFeed.

Minnesota: “The Bootleg” (Bootleg mix, gin, vodka/light rum, and club soda). “Bootleg cocktails are made specifically from Bootleg Mix, which can only be purchased from the Woodhill Country Club in Wayzata, Minn.,” according to BuzzFeed.

Iowa: The Iowa Sunrise (Bacardi white rum, vodka, lemonade, sprite, orange juice, and grenadine). In the “whatever” category, BuzzFeed gushes, “While similar to many cocktails in composition, the Iowa version is said to represent the beautiful sunrise over Iowa in winter mornings.”