One of my favorite trick-or-treating experiences was from a few years ago. We were taking our kids around our new neighborhood. Going from house to house filling their pillow cases with various fun sized confections. There was the occasional handful of candy corns and even a lonely circus peanut.

But, the best was a guy that very obviously forgot that it was Halloween. You could see  it dawn on him as he opened his door and saw a gaggle of ninja turtles and Frozen princesses. He was totally a great sport about everything, and clearly felt bad about forgetting what day it was.

He told everybody to hold on, and ran to the kitchen. He came back with a case of pop and handed out started handing out cans. Even the parents got one. You've never seen kids more excited. Pop and Candy! It was a magical night.

According to a poll by people in South Dakota like all the usual Halloween candy. But, Laffy-Taffy is the favorite candy of South Dakota. They don't say if its the candy or the 1920s humor that draws the most 605 love, but according to their research that's what we just can't get enough of.

  • In my ancient homeland of Nebraska, they love Skittles. Because if there is something Nebraska is known for it's tasting the rainbow.
  • In Iowa they go gaga for a caramel Twix. What no love for the far superior peanut butter?
  • Minnesotans just loves the 100 Grand candy bar, because they really like those old commercials, I guess.

You can read more about the survey and see what the rest of the country likes here.

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