I can see how this could become sort of addicting. I think that's what my brother Nelson said after looking at some trail cam pictures.

Earlier this year he mentioned that he had several cameras that he had yet to set up. I offered to help out one of the days I was out west in the Presho, South Dakota area and have to admit, it was a blast.

If you can read deer sign, which was pretty easy this year, you can hang a trail cam. It didn't take long for me to catch on. What we saw was pretty cool. Young deer, older ones, bucks and does and an occasional party crasher stopped by for a selfie.

By the way, my brother Nelson has some awesome pheasant habitat and takes hunters in. If you'd like more information, can call him at 605.280.3790.

It is a lot of fun setting up trail cams and looking at the pictures. I have plenty more, so keep checking back! By the way, if you have some cool trail cam pics to share send them to me at jdcollins@kikn.com

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