A new study has ranked the strictest and most lenient states on high risk drivers and if you're a terrible driver, you're in the right state!

When it comes to punishing drivers for DUI, speeding, and other reckless driving penalties, South Dakota is incredibly lenient on drivers. In fact, the most lenient in the entire country according to a new report from Wallet Hub which ranked each state from the strictest to the most lenient.

The study points to the fact South Dakota has no mandatory jail time or license suspension on a first offense for DUI's. That compares to first place Arizona's minimum of 10 days behind bars and 90-day license suspension.

The report also lists facts such as how long DUI's stay on a person's record (six years - life) and the average amount of jail time for each offense. All states, with the exception of seven, can suspend the license of a person arrested for a DUI without any court involvement.

Source: wallethub.com

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