How many times have you been driving somewhere in South Dakota, especially West River, and thought you were in the middle of nowhere? As it turns out, you weren't all that close to the middle of nowhere. Because that is in Idaho.

A blog called Visual Statistix created a graph using the U.S. database of roads to figure out where in the country you would be the most isolated, meaning your are the farthest removed from Interstates, U.S. Highways, state highways, and other major roads. Two of the four most isolated places were in Idaho. According to this map, only western South Dakota even comes close to being as isolated as Idoaho.

Vizual Statistix

Another map shows the places that are the farthest from airports. Compared to Wyoming, Montana and Nevada, South Dakota is in pretty good shape.

This map does not mean you should travel anywhere West River without at least a half a tank of gas.