This past weekend I took a day off to go to Presho, SD to see my Mom. I decided that I was going to use my vacation days this year come hell or high water.

When we got to Presho, my brother and his youngest daughter we're already at Moms house. Since Jet Lanes doesn't open till evening on Friday night, we decided to check out Hutch's Cafe. If you haven't ever stopped at Hutch's you have to get off the interstate and check it out. I had the Chef's Salad, but my son Tad (who also tagged along) had the Roast Beef. He said it was awesome and it smelled 'growing up good,' to me.

I was also reminded how cafe's are really the meeting place for many small communities like Presho.  Lucy Halverson, the editor of the Lyman County Hereld was having lunch with her mom that day too. I also got a chance to say hi to folks I hadn't seen in years.

After we had lunch my brother said he needed to check on a milo pile north of Presho that he was loading out to a nearby elevator. I asked if I could ride along. And I'm sure glad I did.

I hadn't been up in the northern part of Lyman County for over 30 years. I used to ride along with my dad when we would haul cattle for Brakke Ranches up in the northern part of the county. The old Beam Place and some of the sites were awesome to check out again.

I had mentioned to my brother, that it would be awesome to line a couple cousins up to go on a horseback tour of the countryside later this summer. I hope he can set that up for me, cause just the ride around was pretty spectacular.

This is a challenge for you. Get off the interstate. Get off the gravel road if you can. Get out where you can see parts of 'where you grew up.' Send me a quick pic of your favorite place that most people never see. Email me at

You don't need faces carved in stone. You don't need geysers coming up from who knows where. Get out. Get off the road and see some of the state!  If you do some looking around and take a map with you, an amazing landscape is out there. I took a few pics with the Samsung Galaxy S4 I use courtesy of Sprint here in Sioux Falls. Take a look. Ride along. We had a great little 'off road' trip.