I believe that sometimes, living here in South Dakota, we conclude that what we think, feel and do has little import when it comes to issues which affect the nation. We are wrong!

And WalletHub is out with another of their studies to prove it.

This study reveals the states with the most and least powerful voters in presidential and senatorial elections. South Dakota came in fourth among all 50 states in the presidential election and twelfth in the senatorial vote-casting! So if you're thinking your vote doesn't matter, think again.

It was interesting to me that along with the study, WalletHub asked a number of political science experts if it was time to give the Electoral College the old heave-ho and without exception they all agreed this anachronistic undemocratic institution needs to go or at the very least, needs to be overhauled in a substantive way.

You can review this complete study to understand how and why they came to the conclusions they did. The data they used was culled from the U.S. Census Bureau among other sources.

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