The ice and snow storm that continue to impact the area has driven more people to social media outlets.

Thousands of people have been without power since Tuesday (April 9) and with more snow and wind in the forecast through Thursday, people may be without power for another day or more. Here at Results Radio, we've had some issues with power outages as well, in fact our building on Tennis Lane has been on generator power since 6am Wednesday. TV stations have reported they're without power as well. Where are these reports showing up? Facebook and Twitter to name two.

Even if people have no power at home, they've turned to social media as a way to check in with loved ones and find out what's going on outside their doors. And from the pictures we've seen and continue to post, it ain't pretty.

But we've had literally dozens of 'thank you' posts and e-mails from people saying they power up their phones for a few minutes every hour or so and they go to Facebook to see that Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether has declared a state of emergency, or that dozens of power line workers from the Twin Cities are coming to help restore power, or who to call when the power goes out, or just to stay 'connected' with their community.

We're expecting 6-10 inches of heavy, wet snow in the Sioux Falls area before it finally moves out of the area Thursday evening. With the ice covered power lines all over the area, we're going to continue to see many more outages. But we'll stay connected one way or the other on the websites and through social media.