So there is only one week left until America crowns its favorite female and male dancer and I think Aaron has the male spot all wrapped up!

He is the first tapper to make it past the first couple rounds.  As a fellow tapper, I am so proud.

I say I am a fellow tapper, but really I couldn't do half of what they just did in that routine.  It was so epic! LOVE!!

Aaron's solo wasn't so bad either!

P.S. that is one of my all time favorite Jason Mraz songs as well! So frickin good!

As for the other dancers left in the competition: Fik-Shun, Amy, and Jasmine.  Fik-Shun I also like a lot, but he is a street dancer with not much technical clout.  He has a great personality and did do a pretty good job with all these very technical styles, but I have to choose Aaron because he's a tapper! I gotta represent!

As for the girls.  It really is a toss up there.  They are both great dancers.  I don't really have a favorite between the two, but if I had to pick I would pick Amy based on this performance from last night.

But then again, Jasmine did a pretty good job with this hip-hop routine.

So like I said, it is a toss up.  I can't pick.  I will leave it up to America and find out next Tuesday on the finale!