Finally someone has the right idea. In a recent article on wrote about how her and her long time boyfriend skipped the wedding and eloped. Now a few weeks into her marriage she says they "Did it the right way."

"I love a good wedding just as I love any party with an open bar and “The Electric Slide.” But unless you are wealthy, come from a family that has never known strife, enjoy giving up an entire year of your life to planning, and can smile in the face of any possible wedding disaster (and mean it, not just for pictures), you should elope. That’s because weddings—even small-scale ones—are more pageant than sincerity."

As and amateur shut-in, going to a wedding can cause my eyes to nearly roll out of my head. There is nothing like burning a Saturday with a crowd of people who want nothing more than to not be where they are.

A good family fight can be a plus though.

The wedding party doesn't want to wear the costumes and resent the price that had to pay. The children forced to be involved don't want to be there and don't act like the trained actors the planner saw on TV that one time. The singer can't sing. All the jokes are inside. And the mother hates the mother that hates the cousin that hates the sister that hates the friend that is an ex of the groom's roommate. In my own very unscientific survey the best marriages come from the simplest weddings.

"But perhaps the best reason to elope is that a wedding should be about the marriage. It wasn’t my day, but our day—mine and Chris’ alone."

Disaster weddings are brought to us by the same people that think that Prom is important and watch as Sex in the City like it's an option. People will sit through a lot for an open bar and a free meal.

"Many men and women have told me that their weddings were so frantic—worrying about whether the caterer was late, whether a simmering family feud was about to boil over, whether everyone who should have been thanked was acknowledged—that it felt like a blur. We all know people who were too busy on their wedding day to eat the food that they so carefully selected—and if that isn’t a demonstration that a wedding is for everyone else but the couple, I don’t know what is."

But what do I know, I watch 13 Going on 30 like it's a possible life path. Dr. Banner and Elektra in love!!