An incredible, selfless Sioux Falls woman is raising money this winter for a child in need, and she’s doing it in a very cool way.

Jenny Pohl is working toward raising $1000 for a young boy in Europe. Walter, age 6, is an orphan who lives with cerebral palsy.

Each year for the past six years, Pohl has chosen to dedicate her time to help a child who is in desperate need of a loving, caring family. She works with the organization Reece’s Rainbow Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign to earn funding for the loving family who chooses to adopt Walter.

Instead of simply asking for money, Pohl is going the extra mile by making holiday gift tags to sell. The tags are complete with initials, which she cross-stitches by hand. Each tag costs just $5 and all proceeds go directly to Walter and his adoptive family.

Thus far, Pohl has made and sold 95 gift tags and she is well on her way toward raising her goal amount for Walter. In past years, she has raised the full $1000 every time. She finds a new way to do this each year, and goes above and beyond. In the past she has gotten a tattoo and even shaved her head for the cause! Now that is dedication!

Jenny Pohl (Used with Permission)

It is the perfect time of year to get into the spirit of giving. I ask you to please take a look at the picture of Walter below, who needs our help. If you’d like to get involved, you can purchase a gift tag on Jenny Pohl's blog:

Or, if you would like to donate directly to the cause, you can do that here:

Walter, age 6, an orphan with cerebral palsy