A Sioux Falls woman was kidnapped early Tuesday morning at a local hotel.

Police Spokesman Sam Clemens says two men were involved in the crime.

"We had a group of people that were hanging out in a hotel room. A couple of them decided to leave and buy some drugs. A short time later one of them came back and was upset that the other person left with money and didn't buy any drugs. The man said he was going to hold the woman hostage until they were able to get the money back."

Clemens says that's just what they did!

"The two men then kept the woman with them. They went to several different houses throughout the day. At some point in the evening, the woman was able to get hold of a friend. She in turn called police. We were able to find one man and a woman driving downtown. Officers were able to get her out safely."

Although police arrested a 30 year old Sioux Falls man on one count of kidnapping, they are still searching for the second man.

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